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As Creo Groups activities have expanded across Europe so has it’s much in demand products reached new markets. Our CEO recently visited Morocco to attend a solar equipment exhibition. Whilst there he was invited to meet the Moroccan energy minister for exploratory talks on the use of Creo building materials and hydrogen power systems for the Moroccan market.

Creo’s building block is ideal for the emerging African market together with our expertise in zero carbon building technology. The development of our domestic hydrogen power system for homes and business has also created much interest in Morocco.

This has become the leading exhibition in the field of solar energy and energy efficiency in Morocco, Africa and around the Mediterranean.  An agreement has been reached to build an exemplar Creo home together with air source heat pumps, heat recover and Creo hydrogen power systems at the Moroccan Solar Green energy research Park just outside Marrakesh.

Topics such as the treatment and desalination of water by using solar energy, the development of desert modules, the design of innovative thermal and electrical storage solutions and the development of industrial applications of solar thermal energy constitute the major concerns of the “Green Energy Park”.

It also comprises a laboratory for the production of thin-film photovoltaic cells, a laboratory for the electrical and optical characterization of photovoltaic cells, an internal laboratory for the production and testing of solar components and a laboratory for the study of material deterioration.

Pheonix Mews

Phoenix Mews is a collection of nine ultra low carbon properties which boast a variety of renewable technologies.

The properties are constructed using Creo’s BBA certified ICF building system which provides unmatched thermal installation when compared to traditional buildings. In addition to the amazing thermal properties, air source heat pumps, mechanical ventilation, solar PV and Tesla batteries were all incorporated into the project providing further energy savings and reducing it’s overall carbon footprint.

Finally, we went one step further with the Phoenix Mews showhouse as a Creo Hydrogen power system was installed into the house, providing power to the house when solar is unavailable. Thanks to the collection of renewable technologies the showhouse is carbon neutral and was the UK’s first on-grid hydrogen powered house.

Spanish Villa Building

The very First Spanish off Grid domestic Creo ICF Hydrogen Home.  The construction is erected using the BBA approved CREO ICF. (Insulated concrete forms) system with a Domestic Hydrogen power system This is used to produce electricity through a hydrogen electrical generator to power your home.  The only output from these systems is water and oxygen so the whole system is completely 100% carbon free green energy.


Cortijo Colorado, La Cala de Mijas
Plot area: 540 m2
Constructed area: 650 m2

Faced with decisive topographical conditions, the secular values present in the Mediterranean architecture form. A contemporary habitat merging architecture and landscape.  Starting with a small terrain and a great unevenness with complicated access while compromising intimacy. In the face of the closeness of the neighbours, we rely on three pillars emanating from traditional Mediterranean architecture for the development of this project: the excavated architecture, the inner courtyard as the lung and the staircase as a sculptural connector element.

Barn Conversion

Environmental Sustainability Net
zero carbon barn Conversion

Climate change is now one of the leading problems facing everyone. Elevated CO2 emissions entering the atmosphere from domestic and business sectors contribute over 30% of the total CO2e emissions in the UK alone. The barn conversion was designed to be net zero carbon and therefore passive. Using the accredited CREO build and renewable heating and ventilation systems the new building will in effect add zero carbon contributions to the environment over the operating lifetime of the building.

The construction was erected using the BBA approved CREO ICF, (insulated concrete forms) system. This system provides a low u-value of
0.14 W/m2K. The Creo system comprises interlocking hollow insulating blocks, typical size 350 x 250 x 1000 consisting of 2 leaves of insulation with 4 No. Insulating connector pieces, all external walls were sealed, and an air movement system, (Mechanical heat and ventilation), installed to overcome the necessity for trickle ventilation and provide controlled moisture levels and air quality.

The system completely removes any form of thermal cold bridging. Air to water air source heat pumps, solar PV power the building. A rainwater harvesting system additionally provides rainwater, which reduces demand from the public processed water system. Low energy LED lighting systems and cooking appliances will further reduce power demand.


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