ICF Creo block system

Manufactured in the UK


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Creo Hydrogen system

Manufactured in the UK

First UK on grid
Hydrogen power system

100% Green Energy

Creo Green Hydrogen system

Manufactured in the UK

First UK on grid Hydrogen power system

100% Green Energy

Fully insured to design, install and maintain green H2 systems

Creo H2 Tank

Green Energy

Creo H2 Tank

100% Green Energy

We Are Building A Sustainable Future

Powered by Creo’s revolutionary hydrogen power system. Built with the Creo ICF Block which produces Zero Carbon emissions.

Creo ICF Wall System

The system provides permanent formwork for in-situ dense aggregate concrete walls and contributes to the thermal insulation of the finished construction. 

Creo Hydrogen Power Systems

These systems produce hydrogen from water when connected to solar panels. Hydrogen is then used to produce electricity through a hydrogen electrical generator to power the home. The only out put from these systems is water and Oxygen so the whole system is completely 100% carbon free green energy. 

About Us

The journey for Creo started over 10 years ago at BRE (Building research establishment) where we were stationed for three years while our now patented and BBA approved ICF block was tested and used to construct a building on the innovation park. We realised very early on that buildings were constructed very poorly and were badly insulated, this was something we set out to change. 

Fast forward 7 years and Creo’s first collection of highly insulated carbon neutral properties were constructed which boast air source heat pumps, PV panels, battery storage and mechanical ventilation. Despite all of the renewable technology within the properties there was still an energy gap during the winter months which the solar and battery storage could not plug, This is where hydrogen was introduced. 

We produce all of our green hydrogen using an AEM electrolyser which is powered by 100% green solar energy, this hydrogen is then consumed by a fuel cell to produce electricity which feeds the house when required. Today the property is 100% self-sufficient and requires zero input from the grid (despite being grid connected).

Creo has transitioned from a zero carbon construction/green energy consultancy company to Hydrogen system integrators, we are Enapter’s official system integrators for the UK. Enapter is an AEM electrolyser manufacturer based in Germany who recently won the prestigious earthshot prize for most innovative “climate saving” technology. 

Our UK demonstration trial is researching the feasibility of in house green hydrogen production to feed a hydrogen boiler as opposed to receiving the hydrogen from the gas distribution network in an attempt at being self sufficient. 

Future Projects